Kyu2 Black

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Status  Early - Mid April
 Brand   Urban Habit Fine
 Size  S (22.0-22.5), M (22.5-23.0), L (23.5-24.0), LL (24.5-25.0) 
 Fitting  Comfortable added width
 Heel  5 cm
 Variation  Black, Grey, Bronze, Camel, Ivory, Wine 
 Material  Leather
With arch support for the feet and soles for comfort comes with a strap that can be adjusted to the front, back or removed as full sandals.


 Special Support Foot Bed that will change every definition of walking comfort.
Take it to the next level !!! With 4 special features

- Center Padding: mound for paw support There is a problem with protruding fingers, and it's comfortable to wear
- Arch Cushion: reinforces the vertical arch. For those who have problems with flat feet, flared feet, walk for a long time and soles of the feet
- Ball Fit Design: Inserts on the heel to stay properly positioned throughout the walk Relieve fatigue of the feet.
- Broad Front: wide end shape Fingers fully stretched Made from ultra-soft tanned genuine leather Durable and comfortable with every step.


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