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Knowing your correct foot size will help you get the right product quickly.

The right shoe size must be decided by both length. And girth of the foot If the shoes received do not fit You can adjust the size with the wide selection of sizing products that Shoes Republic offers. However, it is still best to choose shoes that fit your feet.

So let's measure your feet correctly in one of the ways Shoes Republic has to offer.

Method 1 : Measure your feet with SHOES REPUBLIC SIZING KIT.

Steps for using SHOES SIZING KIT

Tear or cut the paper and fold it according to the specified mark. Insert the cut ends of each side into the same numbered slots.
Place your foot perpendicular to the floor, placing your index finger and heel center onto the vertical line set the heel perpendicular to the folded paper. Or for convenience, place the folded part against the wall Let the back of the toes touch gently. Tip of the toes landed on the ground, full weight to the foot, find the length of the foot from the heel to the toe of the longest toe (measured from A-B).
Find the circumference of the foot width by tearing or cutting a piece of paper. The lateral tape measures the circumference of the foot at an angle from the point where the bone protrudes the most on both sides of the foot. (Measure circumference at position C-D)

Method 2 : Measure your feet using a pen, ruler, and paper.

You need to prepare: A4 paper, a long ruler (30 cm), a pen or pencil.

Step 1. Measure the length of the foot. With reference to the longest point of both feet

1.1 Use a ruler to draw a vertical and horizontal straight line as shown on A4 paper with a vertical line about 30 cm long and at an angle perpendicular to the horizontal line. Make the point A of the intersection of the two lines a point A, or place the paper against the wall. And stand with the back of the heel gently touching the wall

1.2 Stand with your legs spread as far apart as your shoulders. Place the weight evenly on both feet.

1.3 Place the heel so that the most protruding point of the heel is perpendicular and aligned with point A and the toe of the toe is on the vertical line.

1.4 Use a triangular ruler or an ordinary ruler. Lay down on the line of the toes. Longest finger (This may be your index finger or thumb, depending on your person) and draw another straight, horizontal line that intersects the existing vertical line. Make the point B.

Measure the length between point A and point B in centimeters.

img-size5.pngStep 2. Measure the width and circumference of the foot.
Measure the girth and width to find the correct foot width. You can do this by wrapping the tape around your foot from the point where the bone protrudes the most of the thumb. To the point where the bone protrudes the most of the little finger.

2.1 Use your finger grips to find the points where the bones protrude the most of the thumb and little finger (Point C and Point D).
2.2 Wrap the tape measure from the back of the foot up, not too tight. And be careful that the tape measure is aligned with points C and D.
2.3 Stand straight, balance both feet weight. And read the width scale from point C to point D.
2.4 Wrap a tape measure around the front of your foot at C-D and read the foot circumference around point C and D.

Step 3. Compare the shoe size from the measured result.
For example, if you measure the length of your foot from A-B to 22.6 cm (see 1), the girth of your foot at C-D is 22.4 cm (see 2), your approximate shoe size would be 23.0E.


Step 4. Check the shape of the toe.
Check out your toe pattern with the recommendations for the recommended toe pattern for each shoe.


Thumb is longer than index finger "Egypt Type".
Longest index finger "Greek Type"
All toes of the same length are similar to "Square Type".

 img6.png   Recommend this shoe For people with a foot figure with this mark

img7.png    Foot photos with this mark can be put But may not be the most comfortable

 img8.png  This shoe is not recommended for people with a foot pattern with this mark.

Recommendations for measuring shoe size
It is recommended to measure the actual foot. Avoid converting from European shoe sizing (34-42) to Japanese without measuring your feet first. As it may go wrong

The size of the feet may change slightly during the day. Making each measurement have a slightly different value Use the average size measured.

If you expect to wear stockings or socks with that pair of shoes Should wear stockings or socks when measuring your feet.

Both feet should be measured. Because the size of both feet may not be the same. Usually the foot opposite to the dominant hand may be the same or slightly larger than the other foot.

If the feet are not equal, choose the shoe size according to the larger side of the foot.

When choosing shoes Should check the width of the shoe that you want to fit with any type of foot. If a person with wide feet And shoes that need to be for normal feet You may have to choose a size that is approximately 0.5 or 1 larger than the actual number, or select a shoe pattern that matches the forefoot pattern suggested in the product description.