The latest series that understand the heart of people who are tired but want to wear high heels.

"Balanced Heel Series"

It is a high heel sole that has been invented by the best craftsmanship of the shoe industry in Japan.


It took a long time to develop to get the soles of the high heels.

Which in addition to providing a comfortable width The stability is also "stable" is excellent.


No matter how long you walk Without the wobbling problem Must keep your feet tightened all the time


Outsole from a special material that helps absorb pressure.

That are designed to have a longer frontal contact than general high heels


Thus helping to be confident, stable, and walk without complainingpitta-balanceheel-all-black-13.jpg

Comes in a simple design, all colors, and the perfect angular shape.pitta-balanceheel-all-black-11.jpg

Until it must be called a true work day shoe