The New Age Sandals developed from Jetta Sneaker that everyone has loved.jetta2-banner-1800x1200px.jpg
JETTA2 changes the rules of all Sneaker shoes because it is a chic hybrid design that looks superficially on the face and then is a genuine leather sneaker but looks good and easy to wear Slipper comfort Perfect for this moment Whether at home Or go out No matter what time it is, it can keep cool.



# JETTA2 made from ultra soft tanned genuine leather That gives a light weight Cool open heel with insole, removable, replaceable or removed for cleaning. Reinforced anti-slip on the heel and toe Make walking confident That it will not slip easily
Designed with attention, the top rubber inserts provide stretch but fit the foot. Relax while walking But at the same time Will help support every foot that is wide It is designed to keep your feet slim, not bulky, and still look good. Not too casual But it was not so informal that it was fun.
Matches with work clothes Or to match with Damaged Jeans, chill out on a casual day