A comfortable Mary Jane shoe from Extra Soft Leather, one of the Shoes-Republic signature styles. Made out whenever there is, but everyone loves us together to arrive in a new version in version 6 that remains soft. And the aura of craftsmanship from Japanese craftsmen Super cute and warm

New version Was developed to be a lightweight floor Has a soft thickness Helps the sole of the foot not hit the ground. Height increase with 3cm heel and 1.5cm front platform
With hidden straps, mounting rubber and adjustable belts according to the height of the instep At this time, we have adjusted the line to make the belt strap smaller. And a fit that still supports wide feet well
Both of which Makes the feet look slimmer and more beautiful

Finally, we also pay attention to additional comfort with a soft counter heel to reduce the chance of friction with the heel for sensitive feet.
And also makes it easier to put on and put on No need to unpack the cable hassle.

Sweet match with a chic skirt Or to give it an aggressive look, pair it with Jeans or Capri pants, it is ready to be your everyday companion.