Mone Dark Navy Soft Walking

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 Brand   Urban Habit Fine
 Size  JP 22.0-24.5 cm
 Fitting  Moderate added width
 Heel  4 cm
 Variation  Beige, Black, Dark navy, 
 Material  Smooth Leather
From the Soft Walking series, to make walking each day comfortable, beautiful and fun!
Mone is made of cow leather, it feels soft on the outside and inside, on the Soft Walking floor that absorbs and reduces the impact from walking to the feet and knees.
Plus a special anti-slip design, The inside of the slopes supports the arch to help distribute force and balance. Reduce fatigue and pressure.
Comes with a built-in Heel Grip to help lock the heel for better walking and reduce the chance of friction.
Mone comes with a removable shoe clip.
Choose a plain style for the day that must be official, or add a little more fun with cute clips on casual days

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